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Use Colored Dots, Stickers, or Post-It Notes to Identify Items in a Home

Whether it’s a chair, a painting, or a lamp on a table; use colored dots or stickers to identify the decisions you’ve made in a home. This way everyone (including yourself!) will know what decisions you’ve made about which items.

Literally, put the sticker (test to be sure it’s removable) or post-it note on the piece of furniture or on the frame of the picture or on the wall right next to the picture. It sure beats making a huge list in a legal pad and then never being able to connect the list with the actual items in the house.

We at Gentle Transitions, use colored stickers that coordinate to a stop light:

  • Green for “go”, things to move to the new place
  • Red for “stop” – things that do not move
  • Yellow for “undecided” and we’ll come back to later

Post-It notes work great too and often are sold in multi color packs.

Using post-it notes to plan a senior move

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