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Meet Our Move Manager Barb!

Meet Barb Boese, one of our Gentle Transitions Move Managers. Barb describes the process of our Move Management services and why she loves what she does.


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Moving Tip: Labeling Boxes


Neatly Labeled Boxes during a GT move.

Neatly Labeled Boxes during a GT move.

Gentle Transitions Moving Tip: labeling boxes is key. Sounds obvious, huh? But most people label them inconsistently or with the wrong information. Label boxes by both room and contents.

For example, “Kitchen – Plates”. That way when you’re unpacking, you know exactly which boxes go where. 

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Meet GT’s New Operations Director: Gloria Cervantes

Gloria joins us from the hospitality industry and brings over 25 years of operations management experience. Gloria will be based in our Manhattan Beach headquarters and work across our departments to ensure that Gentle Transitions continues to set the standard for excellence in Move Management.

Gentle Transitions New Operations Director.

Gentle Transitions New Operations Director

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Moving For All Ages

We welcome clients of any age who want to have that “extra” help to insure a smooth and orderly transition.  If we can help seniors sort through a lifetime of possessions from a home they have lived in for 40 or 50 years and set them up wonderfully in a new place, WE CAN MOVE ANYONE!

“Thank you and your merry band of wizards.” Ann Marie C.

The moving process can be like a “black hole.” Just when you think you’re caught up, it demands even more time. There is so much to tend to on all levels. Dual careers, small children, distance, and the pace of life today can make moving assistance extremely helpful.

We have handled numerous “VIP” corporate moves over the years including: moves to 6000 square foot homes, a single move involving more than 800 boxes, and a move that involved hundreds of museum artifacts dating back to 2500 BC.

We are delighted to help with as much or as little as you like including:

Relocation Services

  • moving timetable
  • floor planning
  • organizing or rightsizing
  • utility changes
  • professional packing
  • mover management
  • complete resettling!
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How a GT Move Works (Infographic)

The stress of senior relocation can be too much. Downsizing, packing and sorting are really hard when an aging loved one is involved. Gentle Transitions helps our clients and their families by handing all aspects of the move. But, how does a Gentle Transitions move work? We made an infographic to help explain how we help seniors move. If you or an aging loved one are moving, call us to set up a no obligation consultation.

An infographic explaining how a Gentle Transitions move works!

Senior relocation infographic from Gentle Transitions.

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