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Spring Cleaning for Seniors

Checklist First. Seems simple, huh? Write down the tasks and cleaning properties you need to get done. A list gives your cleaning efforts a structure and helps keep you on track.

Time Management. Block off time in your day, week or month that you can devote to the cleaning. Do you want to knock everything out in one day, or parse the cleaning out over several weeks?

We can help you de-clutter this spring!

We can help you de-clutter this spring!

Friends & Family. The more the merrier. If you can’t convince family members to lend a hand, consider hiring help. In fact, there are services like Task Rabbit that allow you to screen, interview and hire household help for all sorts of tasks.

De-clutter, then clean. We practice what we preach. You can’t clean if there’s clutter in the way. Do you have a lifetime of belongings? Often too much stuff clutters the house and makes it difficult to clean not to mention hazardous to live in. Don’t clean around the piles. Clean through them by downsizing and de-cluttering. Did you know that Gentle Transitions can help you sort & declutter your belongings? Even if you’re not moving, we can still help sort through your belongings and determine what’s best to keep. Call our office and as how we can make your spring cleaning easier! 1-800-619-3049.

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