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Sort Easy and Obvious Areas First

When sorting in preparation for the move, sort easy and obvious areas first!

Sorting in areas that are obviously moving or obviously NOT moving will allow you to see progress and accomplishment.  A rarely used room might be a good place to begin the sorting process where few items inside the room will move to the new place.

Sorting in difficult areas will take time, be cumbersome, frustrating, and leave you with the idea that you could never finish the whole house.

Note the pictures here.
Large LivingroomFile folders
Where would you begin the sorting process?  The living room? The stack of paperwork?

Start the sorting process in the living room.  In a reasonable amount of time, you can make decisions about furniture, coffee table books, wall hangings, and knick-knacks and you can say, “We’ve done a whole room already.”

However, start with the stack of paperwork, you’ll spend two hours only dig two inches into the stack and then say, “There’s no way I can do the rest of this house!”

Sort easy and obvious areas first.

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