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Real Employees for Senior Moves

Gentle Transitions only engages actual employees.

Should this matter?  Absolutely yes!

Workers’ Comp

Unlike many senior relocation providers, Gentle Transitions only engages actual employees of the company who are fully insured for workers’ comp.  This takes away the risk to clients who might otherwise engage “businesses” or move managers that rely on 1099 workers or even less.

Should you engage a move manager who does not have actual employees, those workers are not insured and you expose yourself to the same risks as if you were to hire an uninsured contractor.  Should an accident occur, you as the home owner are responsible for their medical costs, lost wages, and possibly more.

Please ask us for our “certificates of insurance.”  Within 48 hours, our insurance company will provide you proof of our insurance.

Please also ask other providers for their certificates.  If they don’t provide this to you shortly or try give you some explanation why they are not required to have one, you should be suspicious.

Liability and Vehicle Insurance

Workers’ comp is the most important insurance to carry because it is the most likely and most costly claim.  Gentle Transitions equally carries liability insurance, employee bond, and vehicle insurance.
Certificates for these insurance are easily and readily available upon request.

Background Checks

In addition to these important insurances, all Gentle Transitions employees must pass background checks.  This raises the level of client security to a level unsurpassed in the senior move industry.