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National Association of Senior Move Managers

In November 2002, Greg Gunderson, owner of Gentle Transitions, was one of a small group of individuals that met in Alexandria, VA to form an association of companies dedicated to assisting seniors through the moving process.

As a result of that meeting, the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) was formed to foster and promote the burgeoning senior relocation industry. NASMM has grown from 15 members at the original meeting to more than 600 members in more than 40 states.

Greg has been an active member of the organization since its inception and has served as a Board Member.  As a regular attendee of the national conference, Greg knows personally many senior move managers throughout the U.S.

Gentle Transitions has worked in conjunction with a number of NASMM members in different parts of the country when clients are moving between states.

For a recommendation on a NASMM member in another state, please check with Greg, the Gentle Transitions office, or email us at ezmove@gentletransitions.com.

Moving Between States?  Not a Problem

In the early years, Gentle Transitions staff would often travel to different parts of the country to be able to work both ends of a move for clients moving between different states.

Today, Gentle Transitions frequently partners with other NASMM members to complete a successful move for a client.  We work one end and coordinate with the other senior move manager for a seamless “hand-off” on the other end.

Moving from California

When a client is moving from California to another state, Gentle Transitions will help with floor planning, downsizing, arrangements for a long distance mover and of course coordinate plans with a senior move manager at the destination to meet the moving truck and assist the client with resettling.

Moving to California

Often senior clients are moving to California from elsewhere to be close to younger family members.  In this scenario, Gentle Transitions is pleased to coordinate the arrival time with the moving company, meet the mover upon arrival, assist with inventory check-in, then our usual unpacking and resettling services.