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Moving Family Members

No one likes to move.  Moving a parent or another family member can be a lot worse.  With the pressures and demands of life today, taking time to move a family member can be extremely challenging.  In addition, many family members are now separated by hundreds of miles or several time zones which complicates the process immensely.

Gentle Transitions can provide much needed time, expertise, and an objective outlook to make a move doable resulting in a positive experience for both senior and family.

1.  A solution to the distance gap.  In this day and age, family is no longer across the street or across town, family is often across the state, across the country, across the world.

Working with family members from out-of-town is a frequent and regular occurrence at Gentle Transitions.  We understand just how challenging it can be to manage a family member’s move from afar.  During the course of the move, we often communicate with family members on the phone or via email to coordinate the entire process.

2 – A 3rd Party Perspective.  Even amongst family members that are close and get along well, moving can bring about tension, stress, and frayed nerves.  Engaging someone who is not family brings about objectivity that changes the decision making dynamic and helps everyone.

3 – Time and effort. Gentle Transitions can tend to the time-consuming activities of the move and allow family members to focus on other important aspects of moving a family member (escrow papers, doctor’s appt’s, etc.).