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History of Senior Move Management

One of the First in the Country

Mercedes Gunderson originally founded Gentle Transitions in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1990.  Her business is the first corporation in the country dedicated to senior relocation.   She is truly one of the founders of what is now a full-fledged industry across the United States with hundreds of businesses operating in more than forty states.

In the 1980’s she experienced first-hand with her own aging mother and then other family members the unique challenges seniors face when moving.

Mercedes then envisioned with no model to follow or internet to research, a special service which would provide caring, comprehensive, hands-on assistance to seniors and their families with all aspects of moving.

Like Mother, Like Son

Greg Gunderson, inspired by his mother in Minnesota and the growing need for such a service, left his corporate career to found Gentle Transitions of California, Inc. on May 10, 1994.

Greg has made his own mark in the industry.  His California business has moved  thousands of seniors to over 400 different retirement communities.  He co-founded the National Association of Senior Move Managers, is a frequently requested speaker to local and national groups, and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, “The Best Home Businesses for the 20th Century,” and CNNfn to name a few.

Today, Gentle Transitions sets the standard in the senior relocation field as one of the oldest and largest firms of its type in the country. Its concept, business model, and service techniques have been mimicked in numerous other companies across the US.

Dedicated to Mercedes’ Legacy

Greg’s beloved mother, Mercedes, passed away of cancer in Minnesota in 2001. Since that time, Greg has dedicated his business and career to the concept she created and to the handling of each and every client in the same manner Mercedes did with sincere dedication, respect, and compassion.

Gentle Transitions in Minnesota

Mercedes original business in Minnesota is now well into it’s third decade of services to Minnesota seniors.  It is operated by Bill Lehman and Diane Bjorkman who have carried on her legacy there as well.

To contact Gentle Transitions in Minnesota, click on www.gentletransitions.net.