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Client Comments

Our collection of thank you letters from clients is our pride and joy! We have been most fortunate to receive countless letters over the years.

Through these letters, our clients have been able to put into words (in a way that we could never do) the true value of the service we provided them.

Take a minute and read just a few of these comments. You will see the depth of their sincerity and sense the profound impact our service made not just on their move, but on their lives.

“You have been entrusted with a terrific idea which is a most remarkable ministry to older people who find a move almost unthinkable and unmanageable. Your hard work with such a congenial spirit plus your helpful expertise truly makes for a “gentle transition.” Your organization is so well named.” – R. Schnicke

“Imagine a move being one of the happiest experiences of your life! You made it that wonderful with the magic you created arranging all of my furniture and accessories in such an elegant and beautiful manner. I am thrilled!” – M. LaRocca

“Your calm and easy demeanor from the start, encouraging me, “Not to worry” was matched with the reality that you and your staff really did – take care of everything.” – Bonnie J.

“You have a thoroughly professional ‘organization that seems to be able to handle any challenge. Everyone’s calm and reassuring manner instilled in my mother a great deal of confidence that was well earned.” – Neil P.

“It’s exactly six weeks since you moved me and my “stuff” and I want you to know that every day I’ve thought of you with gratitude. It is hard to believe that a move could have been accomplished so smoothly. I still marvel at the fact that I moved here with so little trauma. My back and I thank you most sincerely!” – J. Fisher

“Everything went so smoothly that I followed your advice and played golf on moving day!” – E. Powell

“After living in our home for 45 years we were indeed fearful of facing a move. We have now been in our retirement apartment for a month. Each day I am thankful for the smooth transition your company made for us. We could have never made it without your careful planning of every detail and the personal caring way you and your employees handled every aspect of the move. You instilled in us the confidence and the courage to believe we would get through such a move.” – M. Schilling

“You are well named “Gentle Transitions”! Your warmth, humor, and helpful suggestions made all the difference and I have been singing your praises. (Can you hear me?)” – J. Hamming

“How can we thank you enough for all your services to make our transition so easy, so complete, never a “hitch” anyplace. We marvel at your organizational ability and yet giving your clients the feeling they are having a major part in all this.” – Dr. and Mrs. Hadley

“I felt as though my belongings were in the hands of people who cared about them as much as I did. Plus you had such great sense of where things should/could be – I could never have figured out all the creative ways you used to make my new home convenient and so livable. Best of all, I just moved in and started to live!” – Mary F.

“It is still unbelievable to me that everything arrived in super great condition and was unpacked and placed in such unplanned logical places. I have found everything with no problem. All I had to do was to think where something was in its old location and then – there it was in its new location – as if by magic.” – A. McRoberts

“I’ve been singing your praises since the move, including my surprise at seeing these lovely, caring, extremely efficient young women come in and set to work, instead of the burly strongmen I had been expecting.” – Sylvia S.

“My siblings and I want to thank you very much for your warm and caring move of my mother last week. As you can appreciate, it is an emotional transition and your gentle touch was most helpful. As I told Greg, “gentle transitions” is a very appropriate name for the service you provide. I thank you again for making the experience as compassionate as possible.” – P. Haden (family member)

“You turned our initial feelings of panic into a quiet confidence, as we saw you masterfully handle all the delicate details of her move over a period of just a few weeks. The peace of mind alone, knowing we could still be in Oregon and you would be handling all the details down south was priceless!” – Gordon and Rene (family member)

“As your process began to unfold, I saw the true professionalism and dignity with which your company goes about moving the most cherished possessions of our seniors. Your staff handled my mother and her move with great courtesy, wonderful organization, and timeliness. It is still hard to believe that you do it for so little cost.” – J. Pugh (family member)

“I am most happy in my new home and think it is the most homey of all the places I have lived in my very-moving-around life! You and your people did a wonderful job of helping me in every way.” – Paul C.

“Your ability to provide flexible workable strategies, and genuine heartfelt support, over long and interrupted time-periods was quite extraordinary.” – D. Ayres

“Thank you for very much for your tremendous help. You have no idea how grateful I am to you not just for your help but for your caring and concern for me.” – Bertha Zoppel

“Thank you and your merry band of wizards. I never would have believed that in a single day you and your gentle, savvy, hard working crew could have put our home into such fine shape that we could have entertained our new neighbors that very day.” – Bob and Anne Marie C.

“Needless to say, you really went a long way toward making this year a banner year for us. A good start in a new home is so important! We realize that now. Any description of our moving always includes you and always will.” – Dixon Kelley