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Best Close in Retirement Living

Gentle Transitions services are a great benefit to retirement communities by providing a solution for prospects who want to make a move, but are overwhelmed by the moving process itself and don’t know where to begin.

Gentle Transitions can benefit retirement communities by:
1. Providing a means for seniors who might not otherwise make a move actually move into a community

2. Helping those who have made a deposit, move in sooner!

3. Residents are happy about their move! When they are happy about their move, they adjust sooner, and like their new home more. A positive moving experience colors everything in a much better light.

Many communities refer their new residents to Gentle Transitions. Other communities pick up the expense of Gentle Transitions for their new residents because they see the value to the senior and to the community. With additional move-ins and earlier move-ins, the service pays for itself!

Gentle Transitions partners with communities in many other ways: attending open houses or senior fairs, conducting moving seminars, writing moving related stories for newsletters, etc.

To learn more about how Gentle Transitions can partner with your community or to learn more about our Corporate Rate please contact us at ezmove@gentletransitions.com.